COVID-19 SERVICE UPDATE (April 3, 2020)

A mechanic at Bicycle Roots Bike Shop trues a wheel while wearing a face mask and gloves

To our customers, neighbors and friends:

Bicycle Roots has been has been in business since 2013. In 7 years, we’ve weathered some challenges, but the Covid-19 pandemic brings a whole new level of uncertainty. We want to keep you rolling, to keep our customers on two wheels. Especially now, when cycling is so obviously the safest, healthiest way to get from A to B. BUT the pandemic creates challenges in every single area of our business. We are experiencing shortages of critical inventory and supplies, reduced staffing, and intense customer demand. We have had to institute labor- and resource-intensive protocols to protect the health of our workers and customers. This is an evolving situation, and while we WISH we could keep things predictable, the fact is that things are going to change at our shop, and change again, and change again. We’ll post service updates here, on our blog, under the hashtag #covid19. Please read, and check back frequently.

Friday, April 3:

Our store is open Tuesdays-Saturdays, 12pm-5pm. We usually have two mechanics and one salesperson on duty. Currently, due to short staffing, our mechanics are doing minor repairs ONLY. They’re not doing tune ups, and they’re not assembling bikes purchased elsewhere. We are doing all repairs “while you wait” and are not accepting bikes to be dropped off for service later.

So how do you know if you need a “minor bike repair”, or something bigger? A “minor bike repair” is something that we can do to improve a bike that is generally road worthy. So if your bike is generally road worthy except for one or two things, then that counts as a “minor repair.” But if you haven’t used your bike in a long time, or if it has many problems, it might need a tune up, and we can’t do that until our staffing levels are back up to normal (or almost normal).

Right now our sales floor is well-stocked with every type of Hybrid Bike, Kid’s Bike, Road Bike, and Cargo Bike we sell. We even have some high end road bikes from the 2019 model year that are On Sale for 20% off. There are lots of options in the store that are not yet listed on our website. If you’re in the market for a new bike, it’s better to buy it sooner than later. Supply chain disruptions are on the horizon, and in a month or two our shop and all the bike shops out there might be unable to keep popular models in stock.

To keep things uncrowded, our maximum capacity is one customer in the sales department and one customer in the service department at any given time. We are keeping the door locked when we have customers in the store and we only let new customers in as earlier customers leave. We have a new set of rules for our customers to adhere to. Click here to read it. These rules protect our staff, which is critical. If they get sick, we’ll have to close.

Keep in mind: Even though as far as catching or spreading the virus goes, cycling is much safer than walking or taking the subway, it is not as safe as STAYING HOME during a pandemic. New York City has declared that bike shops are an “essential service” at this time. That means that SOME of the things we do are essential, not that ALL of the things we do are essential. When we repair a bike for or sell a bike to a front line worker, then that worker can use their bike to perform their own essential function, be it in a hospital, in a grocery store, or delivering food. If YOU are using your bike for recreation or exercise that’s great, really. But consider that we, the bike shop, have limited capacity and we’d like to reserve it for the front line workers. If you can, make an appointment for sales or service (more on that below), and allow us to save our highly limited “walk in” capacity for someone who needs it more


If you would like to shop for a bicycle or cycling equipment, or if you’d like to get any type of minor bicycle repair (fix flat tires, adjust brakes and gears, etc), we need you to make an appointment here. On that page you can choose from a short and simple list of options, chose a date and time, and pay a small deposit. The deposit you pay is just that — a deposit. You can apply it to any purchase you make in the store, or save it for a future date.


If you are shopping for an accessory or part, you can buy it on our website,, and select local shipping or in-store pickup as your delivery option. If you choose to get the item via in-store pick up please do not come in to get it until we call you to let you know that your order is ready. We are going to add a “local delivery” option for orders at our online store very soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to get local delivery, choose “in stock pickup” for your order fulfillment option, and then send us an email at to switch this to local delivery. Local delivery is free for orders at $50 and above, and $10 for orders under $50.


If you are shopping for a bike, you can also shop online at Giant Bicycles’ website. Giant Bicycles uses software called “Weblink” to collect real-time data regarding the inventory levels of bikes in OUR store. So when you purchase a bike from the Giant Bicycles website and select “Bicycle Roots” for your fulfillment store, you are actually buying a bicycle directly from us. During check out, you can choose to pick up your bike from our store or to have it delivered within a 2 mile radius. Local delivery is free for orders placed over the Giant Bicycles website.


Please stay tuned as we roll out new options for contactless sales and service. Some of the things we’re working on include:

  • Adding more products to our online store
  • Adding a “local delivery” option for order fulfillment when you complete the checkout process at our online store
  • Adding the option to purchase gift cards at our online store that can then be used on our online store OR in our brick & mortar store
  • Adding a digital queueing system that will allow our customers to “get in line” for sales or service without physically standing outside the store

Thanks for all your business. See you on the other side!