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COVID-19 SERVICE UPDATE (May 21, 2020)

Signs in the Door of Bicycle Roots Bike Shop

Things are getting a little weird around here.

There’s been a seismic shift in the bicycle industry. Due to pandemic-related factory closures in Asia, the supply of bikes is lower than it should be to meet normal levels of demand. And also due to the pandemic, the demand for bikes is higher than anyone in the industry expected. Much higher. Some customers want to ride a bike instead of taking germ-ridden public transit. Some are looking for socially distant exercise while their gyms, sports, or other activities are closed or cancelled. Some are looking for a way to find joy during quarantine, replace a cancelled vacation, or do something special with their stressed out kids. Regardless of why there are so many new cyclists, customer demand for new bikes and cycling gear has exploded at precisely the same moment that supply for the same has cratered....


Bike Mechanic Fixing a Flat Tire at Bicycle Roots Bike Shop

Hello again, intrepid cyclists of NYC. Please make note of today’s normal:

At this time, we are not taking walk-in’s at all. For your health, and ours, no one is allowed in the store without at appointment. With that being said, our staff are super busy helping customers who have made appointments, as well as customers who have purchased bikes and gear from us online. And we’d like to help you! Do you need a bike, bike parts or accessories, or a bike repair? Please keep reading for how to get help…

COVID-19 SERVICE UPDATE (April 3, 2020)

A mechanic at Bicycle Roots Bike Shop trues a wheel while wearing a face mask and gloves

To our customers, neighbors and friends:

Bicycle Roots has been has been in business since 2013. In 7 years, we’ve weathered some challenges, but the Covid-19 pandemic brings a whole new level of uncertainty. We want to keep you rolling, to keep our customers on two wheels. Especially now, when cycling is so obviously the safest, healthiest way to get from A to B. BUT the pandemic creates challenges in every single area of our business. We are experiencing shortages of critical inventory and supplies, reduced staffing, and intense customer demand. We have had to institute labor- and resource-intensive protocols to protect the health of our workers and customers. This is an evolving situation, and while we WISH we could keep things predictable, the fact is that things are going to change at our shop, and change again, and change again. We’ll post service updates here, on our blog, under the hashtag #covid19. Please read, and check back frequently.