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Velosurance bicycle insurance


When you buy a bike from us, we'd like you to keep it and enjoy it for a long, long time. But here in New York City, bike theft is a sad fact of life. That's why Bicycle Roots has partnered with Velosurance, the only national insurance agency dedicated exclusively to bicycles!

Velosurance is owned and staffed by riders, just like you. They provide a multi risk, replacement-cost insurance policy offering financial protection against all types of bike-related accidents and losses, including:

  • Total or Partial Loss by Theft or Crash
  • Theft of Spare Parts
  • Rental Bike Replacement
  • Borrowed Bicycle Coverage
  • Liability to Others
  • Crash Damage to Frame & Wheelset
  • Failure Damage to Frame & Wheel Set
  • Stranded Cyclist Roadside Assistance
  • Riding Apparel Damage
  • Medical Payments
  • Injury by Auto Contact
  • Event Fee Reimbursement
  • Worldwide Coverage Option

Bicycle Roots is a Velosurance Trusted Partner Shop. We offer appraisal and repair services to Velosurance customers, and we will work with Velosurance to make sure you are back on the road as soon as possible. Visit Velosurance.com for a free quote on an insurance policy tailored to your bike and your needs.