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  • Cargo
    Cargo bicycles are designed for hauling anything and everything around town. These bikes can replace your car! Families use them to take kids to school. Entrepreneurs use them to take products to market. And shoppers use them to bring home the goods.
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  • Children
    Nothing is more special than the look on your child's face when he or she lays eyes on a new bike. We have bikes for kids of every age and every level of experience. Foster a love of cycling from the very beginning with our high quality kids' bikes.
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  • Cyclocross
    Dirt. Barriers. Glory. We carry 'cross bikes because we race 'cross ourselves, and we want everyone to experience the agony of this glorious sport. Cyclocross bikes are designed to compete in sanctioned cyclocross race events, but they also excel at adventure riding and even all-weather commuting.
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  • Dutch
    Dutch bikes- otherwise known as omafietsen ("granny bikes") and opafietsen ("grandpa bikes") provide the rider with a completely upright riding position on a comfortable, stable, and relaxing bicycle. These bikes are designed solely for transportation and they can be ridden in any clothing- even suits or high heels!
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  • Fat
    Fat bikes use unique technology to accommodate tires as wide as 5 inches across! All this rubber results in amazing traction, allowing these bikes to float over any terrain. They go where other bikes cannot, gliding easily over snow, ice, and sand.
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  • Folding
    Folding bicycles allow you to use your bike as a part of a multi modal transportation plan. That's urban planner technospeak for: Take it on the bus! On the subway! On a train! On an airplane! Put it in the trunk of a taxi! Our folding bikes provide a compact fold while still offering a solid, dependable ride.
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  • Mountain
    Mountain bikes allow you to get out and explore all kinds of off road trails. Mountain biking is fun, challenging, and develops a range of technical skills that make you a better rider. Many mountain bikes feature shock absorbing components to take the edge off of rough terrain.
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  • Road
    Road bikes are meant to go fast while providing a highly tuned balance of comfort and responsiveness. These bikes feature lightweight frames, drop handlebars, integrated brake/shift levers, and smooth, narrow tires. When you ride a road bike, you experience the intoxicating thrill of pure speed.
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  • Singlespeed
    Single Speed bikes reduce cycling to its most essential elements. Without gears, all there is to think about is pedaling and momentum. Some Single Speed bikes are also Fixed Gear, meaning the rider cannot coast. On a Fixed Gear bike, the rider must constantly pedal as long as the bicycle wheels are turning.
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  • Touring
    Touring bicycles can carry large amounts of cargo, thanks to the use of rack mounts and extra strong frame tubing. These bikes are meant for riding across long distances while carrying all of the essentials for an unsupported tour. They also excel as commuter bikes, all-weather road bikes, and grocery-getters.
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